by Nightfall_Protocol

348 Chapters Completed Status


In a world full of superhumans with fantastical abilities the idea of superheroes is seen as nothing more than childish dreams. The superheroes are instead streamers, people stream their crime-fighting ordeals for the world with the whole reason of getting rich and famous, nothing more, nothing less. The concept of great power means great responsibility is thrown out the window for a new era of supers.

Alton Brantley is one such person. Working two part-time jobs to make ends meet he keeps his powers a secret not wanting the burdens of his past to define him. This changes however when he is met by a larger than life girl Zinnia, she dreams of being a real-life superhero like the ones of old. Forming Team Rhapsody they begin to climb the ranks gaining new allies in order to become the most famous streamers the world has ever seen.

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