The Talentless Inheritor

The Talentless Inheritor

147 Chapters Ongoing Status


The Talentless Inheritor,

A world where 『Inheritors』, special people born of lineages that trace back to a 『Primogenitor』 are favored above the rest, they hold abilities inherited from their predecessors that can change reality.

Creating fire out of nothing, summoning a dragon out of nowhere, destroying structures with only the mind, just a few of the outstanding abilities that 『Inheritors』 hold.

These 『Inheritors』 are gathered in special schools to hone their abilities before being sent to the outside world and in one of such schools is a boy, frail yet hardworking, despite having been born of a good lineage, had no potential to inherit and deemed incompetent.



This is the story of a boy beaten down by the very society he lives in rising to power.

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