The System Of Somatosensation

The System Of Somatosensation

17 Chapters Ongoing Status


The System Of Somatosensation,

The sense of touch or somatosensation is one of the important senses in a human body. Losing this ability can surely hinder your everyday life. Unfortunately for Tetsuo, he got a sickness that loses his ability to sense anything ever since he was young. After dying after complications on his body worsened, he wished to experience the feeling of the touch once in his lifetime.

For some reason, he was born again and was now living on another world. He also gained a power that somehow had some connection from his dead Father. Join Tetsuo as he find more of his ability as friends and foes appear to help or stop his journey and the revelations that has something to do with his own existence.


Author's note:

This the remake of TSOS. Don't be surprised on the view count, its been a year since I started this and remade it again.

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