The Story You Don't Know,

"He came and went with the shadows every night. I didn't know who he was, what he wanted, or even what he was. My spine would tingle, I would get the strange restlessness you get when your sixth sense tells you someone is watching you. And that is how I knew he was there, watching me.

I was not afraid, but rather, uneasy. I never called for help, never told anyone. Perhaps a part of me felt like there was a possibility I had gotten so majorly depressed that my mind started conjuring hallucinations. There was no need to bother people with something that was likely a figment of my imagination.

And so it went on, night after night - him watching me, me watching him watching him."


For the past few nights, Avery thinks she's been seeing things. A silhouette in the dark, watching her. Who, no what is he?

In a series of journal entries, she doc.u.ments her troubles as well as her supernatural encounters.

***Trigger warning: Depression content. Please read with caution if you are mentally unstable and have/had depressive and/or suicidal episodes. Remember to always reach out to those around you if you need help.***

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