Marcus G Orno believed that he could be the strongest of them all. By the strongest of them all I mean Yes, The strongest human alive.

Marcus was the common type of a boy who had a boring life and was the one to be bullied. He only had his best friend to cover his sorry ass that was Dave Vagner.

But life turns a whole 360 degree for him and Dave when the day of Awakening comes. Dave awakens something unbelievable, when Marcus awakens…Null… Nothing!

His dream to be the strongest broke that very instant and his life flashed before his eyes when he jumped from the Academy to end his life.

It maybe was because of his luck or he might have been the chosen one but just as he was about to hit the floor and die, a thunderbolt struck and he vanishes right in front of the whole academy.

Marcus finds himself in a Dungeon which held great secrets. On his way to the light at the very end, he figured out that he was in the Highest ranked Dungeon out of them all.

With all of his left confidence he steps his foot into the light. *Blink*

From that day onwards, he was no more the same wimpy Marcus but… something more ferocious.

A Monster among Men!!!

Tag along with Marcus and his adventures as he makes his way to the peak of power and immortality.

He only had a single best friend before but now when he stands tall and bold, he has an army behind him or its better to say…

The Army has him in front.

Warning: The Starting Chapters are not that well written, please bear with it and don’t drop it yet. Just for the first five chapters. Trust me it gets better and better as it goes.

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