Sustaining The King's Life

Sustaining The King's Life

280 Chapters Ongoing Status


Sustaining The King's Life,

Faustina Heilen is a Witch' apprentice, possessing a ' blood' which is d.e.s.i.r.ed by Slave Traders. She presided in the mountains to escape from slavery while practicing medicine with her master, Eula. This has been her ' life' with her sixteen years of existence.

Until one night, in Eula' death bed, a man named Jonathan came and forcefully '' Eula' body to use necromancy in order to resurrect her from the dead. At the same time, a man who is least likely to be in Faustina' home came to propose a completely different deal.

A summon to the castle from the king, Alexander Octavius Ein Feuerkrieger IX, himself. A battle they must win before anything else. A battle in order to get Eula back from Jonathan.

A contract to lengthen the young king' life.

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