Pokemon: Master Dragon Of The Dragon Family

Pokemon: Master Dragon Of The Dragon Family


242 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Pokemon: Master Dragon Of The Dragon Family

There was a time when a question circulated on the internet: If one day you were to travel to another world, which world would you most like to travel to?
Ngu Long Viem absolutely will not hesitate to speak about Pokemon world.
Although it is not necessarily the best, in the world of Pokemon, it can definitely be ranked in the top three positions, not even necessarily the third.
Outstanding productivity, simple folk style, Pokemon world itself is a worldview like utopian society.
In the Pokemon world, people can even safely let ten-year-old children go out on their own trips, and they naturally rely on the rich variety of Pokemon.
In Pokemon Episode 1-, the demon battled against the giant rock snake. In the end, who won?
How did super ancient Pokemon finally become extinct?
Really, how strong is the human physique?
So many questions were placed in front of Ngu Long Viem, how could he stop and search for footsteps? As long as he kept moving forward, the road would continue to lengthen!


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