People In Marvel, All Heroes Are My Employees

People In Marvel, All Heroes Are My Employees


225 Chapters Ongoing Status


Traveling to the Marvel world, the system directly rewarded Ye Han’s ‘money ability’.

So Ye Han started a company and just wanted to live a simple and unpretentious life.

Unexpectedly, the new employees recruited by the company are getting more and more strange.

The driver Logan always likes to smoke inferior cigars, and there is also a pair of King Kong **!

Secretary Ruiwen can change his body appearance at will according to Ye Han’s aesthetics and mood!

When business manager Rocky talks about business, he always likes to make people kneel first!

With the entry of new employees, the system rewards more and more, more and more strange.

“Continue to evolve, the power of twelve spells!”

“Surprise, one hundred thousand cold talents!”

“Master of martial arts, pig man’s martial arts experience!”

Seeing the cute pet raised by the company, Director SHIELD’s eyes widened.

“So what is the Primordial Devourer?”

The Thanos army invaded the earth, and all the employees of the company participated in the war!


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