Nine Rounds Of Reincarnation In Online Games

Nine Rounds Of Reincarnation In Online Games


3645 Chapters Ongoing Status


The lover was forced to death, he entered the heavenly catastrophe game with a terrible hatred; he wanted to get the best career, but ended up with the worst game attribute, which is a peerless waste; God rewards those who have aspirations, and he finally has it after all the hardships. Achievement; the best career, join hands with beautiful women and friends to fight against demons, and rise to fame; battle soul, martial soul, blood soul, and magic soul, and it depends on how he chooses! The enemy is now, let’s see how he can turn the tide! In the face of personal enmity, let’s see how he treats love, family and friendship! National interests, let’s see how he goes first to his country and then his family! Disturbing the world, let’s see how persistent he is! Taoist, ninja, swordsman, knight, the combination of Chinese and Western, national characteristics; wonderful online games, everything is there-“The Ninth Round of Online Games”

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