National Martial Arts: Start as Feng Yuxiu

National Martial Arts: Start as Feng Yuxiu


99 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: National Martial Arts: Start as Feng Yuxiu

Kung Fu is not about fancy fists and tricks, Kung Fu is about killing skills. However, in the world that Shi Li traveled to, national martial arts have been suppressed by various modern martial arts and have become increasingly humble.Chinese martial arts is recognized as a fancy fist and embroidered leg, but it is also messed up by a group of fake masters?【Ding!Get the glory system of Chinese martial arts!] [Get a role-playing card---Feng Yuxiu!】 Shi Li, who was originally just a martial arts apprentice, obtained the acting system and played the crazy martial arts idiot Feng Yuxiu in "One Man's Martial Arts"!"The younger generation is granted the title of Xiu, and I'm here to ask for advice!" "Kung Fu is not about fancy tricks, it's about killing people!" "Today is both life and death, and it's also a showdown!" Fire Cloud Evil God!Yan Shisan!King Ye!One after another, terrifying strong men were born in the Dragon Kingdom, the hometown of ancient martial arts. The national martial arts that was originally almost extinct has now regained its former glory due to the appearance of such a "group of people"!"I, Shi Li, will not kneel before the gods!" "I dare to ask if there are immortals in the sky, but do I dare to come here to fight on earth!"


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