National Development: I Build A Base On Rock Beast

National Development: I Build A Base On Rock Beast


570 Chapters Ongoing Status


In the solar system, the major planets are under construction, but still cannot meet the expansion needs, humans have set their sights on the vast and boundless little planet belt between Mars and Jupiter. Anyone who passes the test can get a pioneering rocket issued by the Earth Alliance and go to the Little Planet belt to build their own base. Successfully built a pioneering base at the Xinggang level. Duan Ming became a master of humanity and had an equal dialogue with the top leaders of the entire local alliance, admired by tens of billions of people. When everyone was vying to choose a larger planet, Duan Ming, who had a contract evolution system, chose an interstellar creature to build a base on the flaming beast! Start with a rock beast, manipulate the body of the rock beast to grow various building modules, fly to the precious ice mine belt to mine fuel minerals by itself, and the Zerg queen………… Contract evolution of the Cnidarian fort, becoming a fully automatic near defense system, Three hundred stings per second, smash all the enemies in the future!

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