My Pokémon is working too hard

My Pokémon is working too hard


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Story of: My Pokémon is working too hard

[Pokémon, Elf, Pokémon] "Damn it, how could you become a champion when you just want to be a bastard?" "By the way... don't do push-ups and sit-ups on the podium. ! The stage is about to collapse, please leave!" "Hey! Happy Egg, why are you banging your head on the steps? Stop rolling, you are already tough enough!" "Gengar! Don't practice in front of the audience. Hypnosis, everyone is asleep!" "..." On the podium of the World Pokémon Championships, Jiang Xiao clenched his fists, secretly hating him. All of this was due to getting that damned thing. Let’s start with the system.Super Volume King System, there is no best volume, only more volumes!


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