I level up alone in Marvel!

I level up alone in Marvel!


59 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: I level up alone in Marvel!

When he woke up, his clothes were stripped off and thrown into the small forest, and Aaron came to the Marvel world.

Ahem, what should I do if I travel without equipment?Waiting online, quite urgent.

The bad news is that he was captured by the Hydra organization at the beginning and suffered inhumane torture... The good news is that Hydra gave him a 'mutant' daughter!

After escaping from Hydra, Aaron took the 'picked-up' girl, relied on the space panel that could see the level attributes of himself and the people around him, and the ability to know the plot in all directions, started a journey of completing tasks along the way and constantly A journey to level up bugs.

Magneto: Aaron knows how to attract hatred better than I do!

Thanos: Compared to me, he is more like a mature and intellectual true villain.

Winter Soldier: In front of him, I look like an insignificant new recruit!

Tony Stark: In the academic field of making money, I should regard Aaron as my master.

Nine-year-old Natasha Romanoff: It was Mr. Aaron who set me free!

(The protagonist is leveling up like crazy and expelling evil on a stress-relieving and relaxing journey!)


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