Han Zong: Start in Chinatown and dominate South Korea

Han Zong: Start in Chinatown and dominate South Korea


095 Chapters Ongoing Status


Travel through the intertwined world of Han Ji and Han Manga, and fuse Fan Ma Yujiro.

Next door lives his wife Yang Qiaoan, and downstairs there is a gym in Yichen.

Hatsuki, a maid, was hired and occasionally stayed at the house of Aunt Love.

The stepmother has many friends, one of whom is called Mrs. Choi Youjin.

Adopted a little girl, Gu Ziyun, who had just escaped.

The city of Seoul has too many desires and is drunk with gold.

I worked hard to sow seeds of hope all over South Korea.

With its own efforts, the problem of negative population growth has been solved.

Start with the Chinatown in Crime City and become the chaebol of the new world.

From the Druna Hotel, to the top floor of Hera Palace and up to the Blue House.

Just about to enjoy it, the zombie crisis unfortunately broke out again.

But fortunately, I am already the strongest creature on the surface, Yujiro Fanma…

PS: This book does not have any reading threshold, and you do not need to have read the original.

Feilu Novel Network exclusive signed novels: “Han Comprehensive: Starting from Chinatown, Dominating South Korea”; This novel and characters are purely fictional, if there are similarities, they are purely coincidental and should not be imitated.


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