Great Voyage: All Members Have Double Fruit Ability!

Great Voyage: All Members Have Double Fruit Ability!


212 Chapters Ongoing Status


Luo Wen, who traveled through the world of pirates, awakened the double fruit ability system!

You can grab other people's devil fruits, and at the same time you can give your own crew the ability to eat the second devil fruit!

As a result, the most evil pirate group unprecedented in the pirate world was born!

Eudemons Beamon Fruit + Thunder Fruit! The ultimate strength and defense, plus the ultimate attack and speed!

Ancient Mammoth Form + Shock Fruit! The perfect ** for offense and defense!

Candle Fruit + Exploding Fruit! Isn't the pirate version of Deidara here?

Flower fruit + cut fruit! It is easy to destroy a country by one person!

Sweet Fruit + Nine-Tailed Fox Fruit! Cough, I know it!

There are also fluttering fruit + fluttering fruit, shadow fruit + ghost fruit, barrier fruit + rebound fruit, hot fruit + burning fruit...

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