Elf, I have a god-level prompt system

Elf, I have a god-level prompt system


248 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Elf, I have a god-level prompt system

[Pokémon, Elf, Pokémon] "Host, go west and there is a Celebi hiding deep in the forest, and there is a MAGA evolution stone! Go east, and you will be swarmed by a swarm of giant needle wasps." This is the world of Pokémon. Hu Wangqiu traveled through time and came here. The city is still the same city, but here you can see Pokémon flying in the sky, running on land, and swimming in the water.Hu Wangqiu has a god-level selection system. With the help of the system, countless adventures and Pokémon are waiting for him to meet. Step by step, he will become the world champion in a down-to-earth manner. "Hey, it's Zhulan, want a date? No time!" "What are you doing? , Dawu, dig rocks? Too tired, don't go!" "Dandi, fight? Hehe, you are too weak, I won't go!" "It's Du, I won't fight crime with you, I'm very tired. "


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