Book Of Divine Creatures

Book Of Divine Creatures

11 Chapters Ongoing Status


Book Of Divine Creatures,

His former life was blank. He never knew if he died or not in his former world. One thing is for sure, he was no longer on his own body.

Opening his eyes, he later found out that he transmigrated to another body with the name of Li Jin. The former owner of the body commit suicide hence he was kicked into this new body. What is more, the world was now a magical place with creatures fighting for survival called Divine Creatures.

His only problem is that he is also a poor boy, orphaned and was kicked out from his own house due to the debt on his aunt. He was forced to pack his items with him and a mysterious but did not even have a single content book called the "Book of Divine Creatures."

The book can create his own pocket dimension in which he can create his own paradise of creatures. Not only that but it also records all the divine creatures he encountered in his entire life.

Join him create his own world by opening the book which will change the history of the world of Divine Creatures and Humanity.

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